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10 Reasons your dog should take Baxter’s LIFE Immune Support Vitamin

  1. Prevention of disease is the key factor in prolonging the life and quality of life of our pets.
  2. Cancer will likely affect 50% of our canine companions by the time they reach their senior years.
  3. Immune support is responsible for protecting our pets from exposure to harmful components in our environment.
  4. Research shows us that daily consumption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients provides immune enhancing benefits.
  5. Immune enhancing botanicals, as are in our Immune Support Complex, add to the effectiveness of BLB.
  6. DHA, from Algal Oil, has been shown in research by Professor Ogilvie, and others, to be useful as a tumor suppressant as well as being a good adjunct to conventional cancer treatments.
  7. Liquid supplements are solubilized, and ready for absorption into our pet’s body. Pills and powders need to be digested prior to absorption in the stomach, and as such may not afford complete utilization . The nutrients can just pass through the dog’s system, providing a much reduced benefit.
  8. Our premium packaging is specifically designed to protect and preserve the important vital ingredients in the formulations. Your product is fully available for your pet’s use.
  9. Our products are made in the USA, under our strict regulations and manufacturing scrutiny. Each ingredient is tested, each process is validated and each batch is tested to assure that the product is properly manufactured. You can rest assured.
  10. Our products are concentrated. No excess, unnecessary fillers or         excipients are added to the product. When you feed the products to your pets, they will benefit from the full strength of these excellent formulations.