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Baxter's LIFE....The Details

The Problem....Environmental issues, diet and other factors can cause a breakdown of the immune system.  Over recent decades the incidence of degenerative disease and even cancers are increasing dramatically in our pets.  Prevention of disease is the key factor in prolonging life and quality of life in our pets.  

The Solution....Baxter's LIFE - a powerful Immune Support supplement that delivers! Our formula is specifically designed to enhance your pets diet by adding ingredients that support the immune system.  Our concentrated liquid supplement for Dogs provides your favorite pet with a special blend of natural ingredients for immune support:     

  • Natural Ascorbic Acid (from Camu Camu Fruit)
  • Beta Carotene
  • Natural Vitamin E
  • Proprietary Immune Support Complex containing:  Curcumin Extract, Brown Seaweed Extract, Olive Leaf Extract and Ginger Root Extract


      • Superior immune system support
      • Antioxidants protect cells from damage caused by free radicals
      • Supports optimal function of nervous system
      • Vitamins for skin & coat
      • Liquid for greater absorption



      Years of experience have taught us how to formulate to achieve the best results using only the ingredients that do the most good. Our concentrated formula adds only the amount of water that is necessary.



      It’s not the amount of product you take that matters, it’s the amount you assimilate. Many studies show that liquid formulas go into your dog’s system quickly and directly to the places where it is needed most. Dogs have a difficult time taking pills. Our liquid formula tastes great and is ready to be used to help your dog’s joints.


      Quality Assurance - the manufacturing facility is inspected and certified by an independent Certification Agency to meet the strict Good Manufacturing Practices required by law. Every raw material used is the highest quality, 100% human grade, tested and verified by an independent testing laboratory. All procedures are validated and confirmed to meet specification. Every batch is tested and confirmed to meet our quality standard before shipping. Quality is a way of life at Pet Health Labs!


        Puppies & Small Dogs <20# 1/4 tsp = 96 day supply!
        Medium Dogs 20# - 60# 1/2 tsp = 48 day supply!
        Large Dogs >60# 1 tsp = 24 day supply!
        Click HERE for a complete list of ingredients.