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Baxter's Story


Pet Health Labs was created as a tribute to Baxter, a small remarkable dog who brought much joy and happiness to many. Baxter was a very happy, energetic little shih tzu that loved his toys and most of all, his best friend Bella.  Sadly, at age 5, Baxter was diagnosed with cancer and passed away a year later – shocking as he was a seemingly healthy dog.  Not ones to give up hope, we began an intense search to find anything to help him remain with us longer.
In our research we found a tremendous link between diet and canine diseases and that immune system support is critical for the body’s health.  Research also confirmed prevention of disease is a key factor in prolonging life.  We immediately changed Baxter’s diet and added Baxter’s LIFE, a super immune support supplement – changes we believe improved the quality of his remaining days.  Although Baxter is no longer with us, his legacy, Pet Health Labs lives on - dedicated to the health and well being of our beloved pets.